Thursday, April 23, 2015

Twins and Trees

Photo from the collection of Midge Frazel, 2015

Conference Moment #8: Twins and Trees

Lisa Alzo and I snagged this moment with Tammy Hepps another #nextgen genealogist. I had never met her before and have been investigating her Treelines family history sharing business. She was so nice to be photographed in between us two blondes. Her Facebook page says she studied computer science at Harvard. One smart "geek" cookie.

You are probably wondering why Liza Alzo and I are twins. It is quite a story and it has nothing to do with ancestors. Sometime, I will publish the growing list of in common things.

Lisa's opening/closing presentation slide shown here made me want to shout, "Me, too!" as I discovered we have not one but TWO more things in common. The stories of Heroes and Scoundrels was another serendipitous buzzword of NERGC 2015.  

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2015
But for now, I will just tease you by showing these photos. After all this is just a short conference moment.

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