Saturday, April 25, 2015

Flying at Half-Caf

Photo by Midge Frazel
Flying at Half-Caf

When you see the above photo of the decaf and the half caf coffee, You will know that The Highly Caffeinated Genealogist is in desperate need of some high energy.

This week the BSO's (bright, shiny objects) got to me. Thanks to Dear Myrtle, I won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. Immediately, it changed my plan for this week after the conference. 

I was going to give my iPad mini (1st generation) to hubs so he can watch programs sent to it from our Xfinity X1 system and also so he can check Facebook. But, this tablet seems a better choice for him. I bought a case for it and arrived from Amazon a few days ago. I think I have made the right decision for him.

However, that kills my plan. I wanted to buy an iPad mini 3 for myself. I love the size of the 7 inch or so devices. They are perfect for communication friends and family with social media. The iPad mini (1st gen) is my second iPad. I bought one not long after we moved here. It was quite large and heavy and so when the iPad mini came out, I decided to run with that.

My friends that have Android based tablets love them, but I have to teach hubs how to use it. He loves his Kindle Paperwhite but really doesn't want a phone that doesn't fit in his pocket. 

I find the iPhone 6 not to my liking so I can't give him my iPhone 5s and buy a new one. 

I need coffee...

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