Friday, April 24, 2015

Blogging Buddies

 Beverley FiegLori Lyn Price,Laurie DesmaraisCynthia ShenetteMidge Frazel,Dave RobisonPam CarterLiz Loveland and Elizabeth Pyle Handler  and Heather Rojo
Elizabeth, Heather, Lisa and Midge, April 2015
Conference Moment #10: Blogging Buddies

Vincent Rojo took some great photos at the conference. I borrowed these from him for this very special memories of NERGC 2015. We met before the banquet and took this photo and then went in to eat with Vincent and hubs. Josh Taylor was the banquet keynote and it was a fun look at family history in the media.

Dessert at the Friday Night Banquet, 2015
I am going to end these ten conference moments with dessert. The next blog post will be about the conference but in a different way. You'll see....

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