Sunday, April 26, 2015

Being a Winner?

Midge Frazel and Dear Myrtle, April, 2015 at NERGC 2015

Being a Winner!

You know how they have those baskets or boxes that you put your name into at conferences and hope you win something but you don't expect you will? Well, I won. I am still shaking my head.

I have owned two iPads and two iPhones. I used to have an Android phone but simply because my carrier wasn't allowed to be selling iPhones. Of course, they got over it when Apple allowed it. 

This device is way easier than my old droid phone. The apps are much the same. However, buying a case turned out to be a problem. I bought a case for it and it is quite great. Now, hubs tells me it won't do because our old treadmill doesn't have a lip to rest it on. He wants me to buy another case so he can glue or heavy velcro (his fav choice) to attach it to the controls for the treadmill. My solution? Quit the stupid, expensive, gym and buy a new treadmill with a lip.

No matter what people can find an obstacle to using technology in an easy way and sometimes, it is not about the technology at all. A lot of times it is about the money or making choices. I am tired of teaching and presenting to the people in my own generation. 

What does hubs think is great? His old fashioned flip phone and fits in his pocket. Go figure...

I need coffee. (update!)

Ordered this tablet stand for treadmills

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