Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Lisa Sandwich

Photo by Midge Frazel, 28 May 2014

Conference Moment #7: The Lisa Sandwich

I know what you are thinking! How can I look back if I started this blog on 22 April 2015? Well, it has been nearly a year in the thinking stages. I decided last May that I needed to learn to RANT in the correct manner. So, I made this Facebook cover with the word rant in the text. 

The blog post where it debuted was talking about the year-away-from-then, NERGC 2015 conference that I just attended.

Mind Your Own Beeswax was about Rhode Island and the big-little city of Providence. I had concerns about attendance and agenda in Rhode Island.

Lisa Louise Cooke and I had a few moments to talk over lunch with my friend and twin-genealogist Lisa Alzo. I didn't take a photo because nobody looks good while they have their mouth full of food. I was in between them and became "Lisa Sandwich" for a few minutes. It was a "smart blonde" moment.

We talked about how conservative New Englanders are and I told them about my first NERGC in 2003 where there was almost no technology (it was all in one tiny room with a professional genealogist connected to the Internet) All other presenters  used overhead projectors and transparencies) Yikes.

NERGC Badges 2003-2013 by Midge Frazel
I never made it to Lisa Louise Cook's session(s) but I feel like I know her from her huge online presence. I met her hubs. I watched for a few minutes in her "inside the box" exhibit hall talk.

Lisa interviewed me some time back about my cemetery work. I loved that she laughed when I stated the cemeteries did not have one thing I need. (the bathroom). I made somebody famous laugh. 

I guess I am not a stuffy old conservative genealogist. Are you? Believe in High Energy Genealogy.

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  1. There was also the "Taylor Triple Decker" at NERGC - Josh Taylor, Nat Taylor and Maureen Taylor. All bloggers, too. as well as genealogy rock stars. Someone joked about getting them all to do back-to-back lectures on a "Taylor Track".