Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kaffee with Kathy

Midge with Kathy Schrock at the Cape, 13 Aug 2010

The Beach Bums

Hardly a day goes by when I don't think about my friend, the famous ed-tech guru Kathy Schrock. I have to think of her when I look at my iPad and my iPhone because it was her suggestion that I return to my Mac roots. When I met her, she was a die-hard Windows user, and now, like me she speaks three languages, Windows, Macintosh and Android.

She got me into Facebook just a couple days after it opened to the "public". That was January 2007 when we went to an ed-tech conference in Florida called FETC. I'm thinking today of all the conferences we went to together. I'm not half  (half-caf) as exhausted today as when I traveled with her. She has two speeds. Awake and Asleep. Both are at full tilt. Just typing that makes me tired.

She is also Highly Caffeinated. She drinks Starbucks coffee by the gallon. She is probably the most high energy person I have ever known. Her blog, Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch tells us why she named it that:

"Webster's defines kaffeeklatsch as "an informal gathering to drink coffee and chat." I feel it is a perfect analogy for a blog! (And you are welcome even if you don't drink coffee!)"

I didn't think of it at the time, but, yes, I copied her. I guess I will have to buy her coffee next time I see her. I do that anyway.

Everytime I buy a new techno-device, she gets the first test email. She loves buying and setting up any type of computer.

Yes, she bought an Apple Watch. She's hard to keep up with. Don't even try. 

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  1. Welcome to GeneaBloggers!

    Fun blog. Thankfully I don't need coffee to get amped up for genealogy- just being hot on the trail is enough to keep me up til the wee hours and beyond. But I couldn't do it all without my tech devices, and am grateful to my tech gurus (husband and son, and some of the bloggers out there like Dick Eastman) who keep me up with the latest advances so I can concentrate on research and telling the stories.

    Happy blogging and researching-