Monday, May 25, 2015

Taken Prisoner from the Schooner Nimble

Service Pension War of 1812 Widow's Brief Found!
Clip of Pension Packet from Fold3, War of 1812
Dated 15 July 1878, this widow's pension, states that Isaac Denison, Jr. served, in Stonington, at the waterfront on patrol, one battle, 2 days, 10th and 11th August 1814. The pension packet is 10 pages. This pension was admitted 21 January 1879 for $8 per month (about $110 today) to Levina Fish Denison, widow. She was 85 years old. She lived until 1890 to age 95.

This service was named "Defence of Stonington" and it much written about. (free source: ebook p. 49)

In the books about the War of 1812 and this pension record, I can find no mention of the capture of the schooner Nimble and the sloop Revenue that is told in the booklet I inherited about Isaac Denison, Jr. service at the age of 23 in March 1813. This is probably why Rev. Frederic Denison wanted his father's story told.

He tells of the capture, by Admiral Warren, and the months of imprisonment in Bermuda and the release on Sunday, fourth of July 1813. Many names and ships are mentioned.  It has a patriotic feeling to its tone.

I still have much to read about this War.

Stonington by the Sea Henry Robinson Palmer, 1913

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  1. Lucky you to have an ancestor with a D surname. I have a father and son ancestors ( I descend from both) who were captured in the war of 1812, but their surname is YOUNGER. They are digitizing the pensions alphabetically, so I have a long wait.