Saturday, November 5, 2016

Buying a Planner

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2016
Binding and Layout

In the last post, I showed the front of the planner I purchased. The best part of the one I purchased is the heavy laminated front and back covers. Covers are a problem for all things that have paper because they take the beating of being being carried and used. The "cover design" is an insert and can be removed. They take special orders for customizing the photo and monogramming. I didn't want to wait.

The binding is important for all journals and planners. I press down on them to flatten journals out to use them, but a planner needs the flexibility of the spiral layout. Some people have reported that the alternative colors to the platinum spiral have been a problem but the company is taking them back and fixing them. 

With simplicity, this "Monthly Deluxe Planner", rocks. I just need a month view and the sidebar task list/goals so I can quickly see what I must accomplish and to be able to keep track of it.

Hourly layouts are good for those who are charging a client for research or for planning a meeting, so if you need that (I don't) look for that in a different style of planner.

The back side of the monthly view is free-form. The left side has five lined sections. I call that "one a week". I will write the name of my completed posts on the lines and the week of posting. Special notes will go in big lined space on the left and I am going to write more tasks on that page. The back side of the left is blank and I will probably write citations on that.

Don't strain to look at photos. Look at them here:

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