Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Blogging History

History of My Blogging Adventure

I started the blogs that you can visit today in April and June of 2006. I am happy to say that they are still going strong. I had a blog before these blogs  but it was created for an assignment while I was in graduate school. It was such a mess with experimenting with the interface, so I erased it. It was quite a learning experience for me. 

At that time, I was planning to stay in the field of education but that soon changed, as you know. I used to host a Web site for teachers that was very popular and it was great for my teaching workshops and to sell the books I have authored or coauthored. It was a lot of work and upkeep. 

Don't bother to look for it. I took all of it down in 2012. It was started in 1996. (Do I look young?)

Midge Frazel's Home Page (this clip from The Wayback Machine)

Beyond the Horizon is my blog that is now mostly about technology. There is some family history in it because I really felt that my next blog should contain only information about gravestones and cemeteries, I put some information about my ancestors and their photographs. 

Beyond the Horizon Blog, started 23 April, 2006

My most popular blog is Granite in MY Blood, and it was started so I could showcase my gravestone photography for my professional genealogist portfolio. Much to my amazement, I began to get awards for my blogging. It is still my favorite genealogy thing to do.

Granite in my Blood Blog, started 6 June 2006
My most popular posts for my blogs to date:

Granite in my Blood: Wedding Banns (938)  and Headstone & Footstone (768)

Beyond the Horizon:  Using the Ancestry app (2603) and Cell phone Gallery (2141)

I find it amazing what people are interested in for both my blogs. Note that these highest numbers are not really all that serious research topics.

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  1. Hi Midge, I was reading your pal Kathy's web pages when I was in grad school in 2005-2006! Little did I know back then... I love all of your blogs and read them with anticipation. You do a fine job. So glad you still have fun with it!