Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Take a Bite out of Bullet Journaling

Take a Bite out of Bullet Journaling

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2016

I like to write. I like to keep records. I like calendars. I like to plan. It is one of the best traits of genealogists and I've got it. I like to read. Keeping a journal is a very ancient pastime.  My ancestors kept journals. Think about it.

I prepared this photo to help my friends who have asked why I am working with paper journals. "It's so analog and you are so digital", they exclaim! It's true. I love technology. But, I love writing and coloring on paper. I love pens, pens and markers.

In case you are thinking about using bullet journaling as part of your genealogy, first, you have to try it to see if you like it. 

In this photo, I opened an inexpensive journal to two empty pages. That's called a spread. Each bullet journal entry is two pages that are related. More room to write and more room for thinking. Many people also draw or use calligraphy in their spreads. I can't draw but I can do calligraphy. But for this example, I kept it simple.

You need a journal. I buy most of mine marked down in office supply stores or at Walmart or Target. You can use a regular notebook. Make sure you can open it flat. I like squashing down the pages or having a journal, planner or notebook with a spiral.

  1. Pens: Fine Tip Sharpie and Calligraphy pens
  2. Stickers: Use for Headers or "bullets"
  3. Journal Spread: Two pages of lined or "dotted" paper
  4. Grid paper: for creating a to-do list, explaining abbreviations
  5. Post it Planner Page: removable lists or planning sheets
  6.  Banker's Clasps: for holding the journal open or for holding a book open
  7. Planning Journal: my daily planner (separate from my bullet journal) It doesn't leave my house.
  8. Template: for making lines and boxes to check off items
  9. Journal Pencil Case and Gel Writing pens
  10. Not marked with a number: Plastic Box to hold supplies

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