Thursday, October 13, 2016

Along for the Journey Project: Post 1

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2016 (link)
Along for The Journey Project
Post #2

Bullet Journaling is best used to record progress made with projects whose information and results don't fit neatly in your regular genealogy research journal. As a demonstration of how this can work for family historians and genealogists, I pulled out a journal that I bought some time ago. It was marked down because the spiral is a little bent. It is meant for recording your travels on a vacation. 

I opened it up and kept a few pages in the front for a table of contents. Armed with some discount coupons, I traveled to my local Michael's to buy fall themed stickers and washi tape. I plan to use the glittery tape for other projects too.

Fall and Family Bullet Journaling Purchases, 2016
As my husband and I are both descended from Mayflower Passengers, I decided that I need to organize the papers and certificates from the completed proof of the research that I did from 2005 to 2010 so that I can accomplish the following goals.
  • Prepare the certificates for archiving
  • Prepare the completed applications for archiving
  • Write up the work so that my non-genealogy family can understand it.
  • Prepare to enter the information into my genealogy software
Last year (2015) my older grandson and his father entered a contest about discovering the past and the company that hosted it made a video about the adventure called "Along for the Journey".

 You can  view that video here: Along for the Journey

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