Monday, August 3, 2015

Writing Every Day?

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2015
Writing Every Day? Why Do it?

Every year about this time, someone asks me if I write (or blog) every single day. I may write every day, but I don't blog every day. Giving information about writing to those who would like to have a blog is not easy. People get excited about writing a blog but they are wondering if anyone will read it. 

Before I was a blogger, I hosted my own Web site. Don't bother to look for it, I have taken it down. It was hard to keep up. All those links to constantly check, but it WAS good for teaching educators about the resources of the Web and how they could use it in the classroom. I enjoyed that part of it but I am no Cyndi Ingle. Keeping up a list of relevant resources is really hard and you must be dedicated and have the time. She's amazing.

But, what you CAN do is start gathering ideas for things to blog about. When I was a child, insurance companies gave out free calendars, appointment books and daily planners. People used to give them to me because they said they wouldn't use them. I was stumped. I loved them all.

Recently, I was looking at journals because I love paper. I am an electronic geek most of the time. (or am I?) I found this type of journal at Amazon (bigger photo) and bought it because it was different (and small). It is called a Memory Book. You can search for them yourself with that search term.

The idea is that you use it for five years to record just a few lines every day. I think this would make a good way to record just milestones or cute things that grandchildren say. My ancestors kept journals about their crops. I think this type of book would help people learn to record and eventually write.


  1. Hi Midge, It takes a long time to build up a following unless one is famous in many cases. I have blogged on wildlife for five years plus and still only have about 150+- followers. I only post three days a week but did post daily for the first three years. I enjoy your blogs. You put a lot of thought and effort into your writing. Kudos!

  2. I didn't realize those kinds of journals were still made! I received one (a "five-year diary") for Christmas in 1974 and wrote a little something almost every day for almost five years, from mid-4th grade to the start of 9th grade, when I slowed down. (And yes I still have it - probably in my attic.) I may have to get another one. Thanks for sharing!