Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Crayons and Family History

Photo by Midge Frazel, August, 2015

Crayons and Family History

Photo by Midge Frazel, August, 2015
Recently, our family went to see the Minions Movie together. Our little grandson is just over three and loves these crazy, yellow guys as much as I do. I've already pre-ordered the DVD for family watching. I am sure both of them will remember going to the movie together and yes, I took photos. 

Minions are looking to belong by serving a powerful master. They are a family in a way. You have to pay attention to what they look like and put their "minion" language into perspective with their body language and actions. Some are leaders and some are followers. Just like our ancestors. Family history is everywhere we look.

Collecting crayons is a hobby I started some time ago. It won't surprise you to see the multi-cultural crayons in my collection. It says 1993 on the back and they still smell new. Some of my "brick wall" ancestors are limited edition too. We have 8 great grandparents just like the 8 crayons in the special collections. Anyone is lucky to have known just one. Limited edition.

Did you notice the French on the crayons? Minion crayons

Many of my ancestors were artistically inclined or had musical talent. In one line, cousins contacted me to ask that specific question.  Sadly, talent and depression go hand in hand. 

When I am feeling overwhelmed or sad, I open my desk drawer with the crayons and breathe in deeply. I think of it as the sights and smells of those gone before me. Genealogy is so much more than names and dates.

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