Thursday, June 4, 2015

Are Genealogists Dedicated to Journaling?

Confessions of a Journal Junkie, 2015
photo by Midge Frazel

Companion blog post to "Genealogist Love Office Supplies"
I went to Target this morning and looked over their selections of journals, planners and calendars. Some of them are definitely for the females. They are easy to spot, as pink and flowery stands out in the display. However, several were plain color or they had planes, hot air balloons or forest scenes suitable for the needs of men and boys. 

I know that educators promote journal writing because I wrote about that in one of my in print books for teachers after interviewing those educators that came to learn in my tech classes. I "heard" that teachers are having students learn a bit of cursive writing as an art form using journals.

As you can see, I have selected this display to demonstrate that although I am a lover of technology, I have a lot of paper bound journals. I buy them when I am on vacation too. You can see two Mickey Mouse themed journals bought at Disney World. Many people favor Composition books and I found one that was not the ordinary black and white and could be bought in pink, blue or orange. For a while, I only bought spiral bound books with tear out sheets. The one on the left (underneath) that is yellow and green is one of the two I have left.

The one with the big pink flowers and the one with the dark blue book cover are the same and my favorite for working with projects. The pages rip out. They let me think about families and individuals without worrying about order and neatness. I add the important facts to the journal, work out relationships (think: step families and adoptions, first wife vs second or third, pedigree collapse)
Of course, the gravestones I write about are transcribed to a journal, index card or paper pad next to my computer.

Example of Note Taking Journal, 2015, Midge Frazel

I am not the first person in my family to journal. My maternal great grandfather kept a newspaper clipping journal as a teenager. I photocopied the genealogical related pages and then donated it to the historical society where he grew up. There are all kinds of weather reports in it. Someone could find that useful.

Newspaper Clipping Journal of Charles Edward Stewart

Newspaper Clipping Journal of Charles Edward Stewart

Two people in my family kept diaries and those have been published. One has the ONLY record of one of my ancestors death and it was accepted as proof for a Mayflower application. Both of these (in the photo below) can be both a goldmine for information and a challenge to read with the non-standard spelling and dates. I often have to read the passages out loud to figure them out.

Steadman and Minor Diaries, 2015
But, by far, the most important personal journaling I have done has really been simple. For every electronic device I own, I keep a steno pad with information about that device. I keep the list of specs, the dates of purchase, when I installed what and any problems I have had. Trust me, it has proved helpful more than once. 

Journal-Log Books for Technology, by Midge Frazel

Gwen Kubberness of Dragonfly Journaling-Smash books is a great inspiration to all of use addicted journal writers. She is a genealogist who also blogs. I love her Pinterest boards and so will you. Genealogists are creative people.

Are you a journal junkie for genealogy, too?

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