Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Newspaper Evidence

The Providence Journal/The Evening Bulletin, Providence, Rhode Island,
15 June 1965, partial copy of the article, 2015

In my high school yearbook, is this folded article from the newspaper of Rhode Island. The morning edition was called the Providence Journal and the evening edition was called The Evening Bulletin. Yes, that's right. There were two editions produced daily. As kids, we were not allowed to touch the newspaper until our father was done with it. Yes, sports was more important than news even then. This "undated" article might have run in both the morning and evening edition. I can't be sure, but I do know that we subscribed to the evening edition. My mother did not read the paper and my father could read the morning edition at work to get sport scores. What you see here is the top part of the article. The rest, still intact in my files, doesn't have a date on the back either and it is just a list of graduates. 

Let's glean the evidence for the citations! 

  • "last night in Cranston" so the paper is 15 June 1965
  • girls wore red (see my photo) and boys wore grey (the school colors chosen for our school when I was in 7th grade) Highly controversial because I remember kids saying they voted for blue and white and it got around that the administration chose the colors and they were just being polite to ask us to vote. (World War II control) My yearbook has black and white pages.
  • 221 diplomas handed out. Hopefully the reporter counted the names listed)
  • The ceremony was supposed to be outdoors in the school quadrangle but due to rain was held in the gym. The auditorium (also new) would not hold the approximately 500 parents plus students graduating and the band and the adults officiating at the ceremony. Fire laws prevented that many people for the auditorium.
  • The ceremony was one hour and five minutes. The clock behind me at home says 5:30. The program says 7 o'clock. Remember, there was no place for us to sit in the bleachers. They must have set up chairs on the gym floor. I don't remember that at all. So now, two pieces of evidence need to be cited: the newspaper article and the ceremony program.
  • We did not have a valedictorian. There were two high schools in my city, the established Cranston High School (East) and my school, Cranston High School West (grades 7 to 12) The "Ideal Cranstonian" title was also in my mother's yearbook from East. Ed Lamagne is now Dr. Edmund Lamagne and a professor at URI.  
  • The class President, David Hall, presented the class gift, which was a lectern. I have no memory of that.  I don't know where David Hall lives or if he and (other class officers) planning our 50th reunion. 24 Oct 2015 in Providence!
  • Three clergymen officiated. Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths gave a fair representation of our state's religion. (my junior prom date's father was the Rev. Carl Jones, Jr. and his daughter was in my class) As I recall, he handed his daughter her diploma instead of the school principal. 
  • The band played. Yes, those seniors wore their caps and gowns to do that.
That's quite a lot of information (besides graduate names) for one newspaper article. Now only local papers would give out this much information to be cited.

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