Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Planner Features

Features of a Planner

I started using a paper planner again to help me, not only with my research, but with writing in my blogs. This is my current (2016) planner which I bought because it featured a strong front and back page and (grin) coloring pages. I would not do that again because I have not colored as many of the pages as I wished.

I learned that I like a spiral binding because I can fold it over to put in the stand and because it is easier to pick up and write in.

I liked the large space for planning with each day but I quickly learned that I did not need to use the "daily or hourly space". I like the reminders section for keeping track of items I have on order or appointments for the NEXT month. 

This is the two page spread for December with the thicker page for the coloring and the classic monthly calendar. I was disappointed that the back side of the coloring pages was NOT blank, so to color it I could not write anything on it. 

I went in search of a different style for 2017.

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