Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sharks, Lemons and Staycation

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2016
Sharks, Lemons and Staycation

New Englanders really enjoy summer as we are often faced with harsh weather for a long part of the year. Some years, it doesn't begin until February and lasts through May. 

We love the term "staycation", because we like to take what my family called day trips. Sometimes, we simple do nothing but relax, read and visit with family. 

Last summer and the summer before hubs and I took a day and went "home" to Rhode Island. We visit a shopping center, drive around old neighborhoods, have lunch and get half dip candies to freeze for the holidays. On our way home, we drink a drink made with lemons and buy a half gallon to bring home.

Photo by Diane, 2014, used with permission

I decided to make a week of fun blog posts that coincide with "Shark Week" as a new tradition. Yes, it is about family history but it is also about the people I knew growing up and how I meet people who have said to me, "It isn't summer without Dels."

When life gets tough, I make lemonade. You will learn why this upcoming Sunday to Saturday.

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