Monday, June 27, 2016

Del's Week: Dive into Summer

The Highly Caffeinated Genealogist Presents:
 Del's Week
A Story of Home that Lives On...

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2016

Dive into Summer
Rhode Islander is a great place to visit and grow up. It is full of iconic humor. On Rt. 95S, there is a big blue bug which advertises a business and the owners delight in having the bug dressed up for many seasons. In this article, you can see the bug enjoying a VERY big Del's lemonade and learn a bit about places to see in my home state. 

Rhode Island is a small state with big history.

When my daughter, married a man who has Italian ancestry, he was treated to a Del's. He had not had a slush like it before. He's not been the same since.

One Christmas, I bought him a frozen ice cream dessert co-marketed by Friendly's Ice Cream (sadly no longer manufactured) and I became his favorite mother-in-law. Well, that was easy.

When his first son was born, I gave the family a big Del's Sand Pail (with packets of Del's mix inside) and we took the baby's photo with the pail. Making memories is important family history. Angelo DeLucia would be proud.

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