Monday, July 20, 2015

MIlitary Monday: Master Sargent Evans Stewart,Jr.

Evans Stewart, Jr, photo from the family collection of Midge Frazel
Master Sargent, Evans Stewart, Jr. (1917-1951)

On April 15, 1941, my maternal uncle, Evans Stewart, Jr. enlisted to serve in World War II. He was my mother's only sibling. This photo was a professional cart-de-viste taken by Bachrach portrait photographers in Providence. When my mother died, we found a huge portrait that is this exact photo in the back of a closet. As my mother worked for Bachrach during the War, I have several really large family photos that no one will want to keep.

This is one of only two records I can find about his service. His story is long and complex and I am going to write it in narrative form. For now, I am gathering information. Notice that the top of this record from Family Search puts the "Jr." in between his first and surname.

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