Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love my Tablet Pillow

Lap Gear Lap Desk  with hubs Kindle paperwhite, photo by Midge Frazel, 2015

I love small technology and find it more useful everyday for my genealogy and for relaxation. Yes, I know that you don't think I relax but my Kindle holds many genealogy books including genealogy fiction.

Tired of the paperbacks my hubs was hoarding, I bought him this Kindle and made him switch to electronic reading. He doesn't like holding it as he is scared he'll drop it, so I bought this small pillow with the lip that holds the device. I bought this in the markdown bin at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $10. But, I wanted one too and because I knew the brand name (Lap Gear), I found it at Amazon.com. 

Mine is "girly pink" and has cool pockets on the side. I love it so much, that I ordered another one. They come in black, pink, zebra, aqua and black. I left the over-wrap on it for making this blog post.

My iPhone 5s is too heavy for the side pocket because I have an Otter Case on it with belt clip. So, I put in the pockets my Ink Joy pen with stylus end, a tiny notepad that just fits (and looks like a phone which is a big coolness factor) and my fuzzy finger wiper for cleaning the screen. It is perfect for my iPad mini 3. As phones and tablets merge, I think this will be a "must have" for organized genealogists or avid readers.

Midge's iPad mini 3 Lap Desk, 2015


  1. I might have to check this out. I have arthritis in my hands which is why I switched to a Nook (books were getting to hard to grip). But, even that causes finger fatigue if I'm reading for awhile.

  2. That is a good use and will work. Let me know, please!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Just ordered one for myself and for my mom! She really has a hard time holding her kindle for too long.