Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rolling Around

New Floor Mat, May 2015, photo by Midge
Rolling Around My Office

When we moved to our new condo more than four years ago, hubs bought me a new mat to go under my office chair. The carpeting in our upstairs is horrible and we think that we may have to undergo the torture of moving everything and having new carpet put down. 
But, I couldn't stand the plastic mat anymore.

It cracked and pieces of plastic were popping off like dangerous popcorn. I couldn't walk barefoot anymore. It was getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner. I got crabby. That's not a good thing.

So, off to Staples, hubs went one day and came home with what I am afraid is the same mat as the last one. This time, I am keeping my eye on it everyday. 

Hopefully, my foot rest will anchor me down somewhat and I won't roll around. It could be my fault.

Staying focused is important to genealogy and I think it is the biggest obstacle to our work. How do you stay focused? Do you need a special place to work away from distractions?

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