Saturday, May 2, 2015

Being Accomplished

Photo of notepad in hotel room by Midge Frazel

Being Accomplished

This week, I felt accomplished. From Monday to Friday, I completed the tasks that I assigned to myself, except for finishing reading the iPad 8.3 manual. I stepped out of my comfort zone for two items and I am proud of that.

I'm good at being organized and finishing items on a to-do list. Not everyone is. I understand that. I have learned to narrow down tasks to manageable or do-able goals. This was I am not so pressured to finish things. I can still be high energy and challenge that into my life.

I am looking forward to working with the research needed for the gravestones and to read and work with the books that I have bought. I put away the Scot-Do over under the summer is over.

I purchased a subscription to Find My Past because I think it will help me with my English ancestors. I have one line that went well but I have a few more that are only based on information in compiled genealogies.

Josh Taylor talk about compiled genealogies and using them effectively was one of my fav sessions at NERGC 2015. I own a lot of that type of resource and I am amazed how different they are. 

Do you use compiled genealogies as a starting point?


  1. I have been finding lots of US newspapers in Find My Past lately. That's where I found a break-through Irish census record.

  2. I agree that Josh Taylor's talk on compiled genealogies was a highlight of NERGC. I also have used them to supplement lines in my tree. I try to find more documentation for verification and his ideas about where the authors got their information was very interesting.

  3. Please send some of your energy to me!
    I also enjoyed Josh's talk - there are so many of them to review.

  4. I very much use compiled genealogies, I have two printed Ellingwood genealogies and several digital genealogies of other families that I use to research the collateral lines. But I double check the information given against the BMD records that I find online.