Monday, June 15, 2015

The Class of '65

Things to hold in your hand, photo by Midge Frazel, 2015

Remembering the Class of '65
Twenty-five years ago on 6 Oct 1990, hubs and I went to the Sheraton Islander on Goat Island in Newport, Rhode Island  (now a Hyatt Hotel) to attend my 25th high school reunion. At the time, I wondered how expensive it was for my classmates to travel to RI and stay in this hotel as we drove there from Massachusetts. "Pretty fancy", as my Dad would say. 

I was lucky to talk to two of my Facebook friends who attended their reunions of '63 and '64 and find out what they did for those two year 50th reunions. There were only two classes ahead of me in our new school.

The directory shown here give current (as of 1990) addresses (not email) for each person or couple attending the reunion and a photo that they took that night of each of us or for a couple. I wanted to show you this as a final wrap up of of the three posts this weekend. Today is the "day of the week" of the 50th anniversary of the graduation. Monday.

Perhaps I will still hear of a planned event but I looked at the list of those classmates that planned the 25th and I know that one has passed away. I have found one name at Facebook and I have asked him to be my friend. We'll see, as my parents used to say.

This week on Pinterest, I noticed a great idea for preserving the graduation cap tassel. You put it in a clear plastic Christmas ornament ball. I think I will do this. I will take a photo when I do.

Today, I will be "savoring the memories", and hoping some of us are still alive and remembering those who are gone. I still remember walking into the new, as yet, unfinished school for seventh grade and will hold tight to that day forever.

The Mighty Falcons forever...


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  2. We had a 5th and a 10th and it was easy to find people since their parents still lived in town. We did not have another reunion until the 35th, in 2011. Social media made it easier to find people who could find people, but we still relied on phone calls to brothers and sisters to locate people. The amount of work was exhausting, but it made the planning for this year's 40th that much easier! As a class, we decided to continue the tradition of every five years as long as we are able. Looking forward to seeing my classmates in September! Go Eagles!