Thursday, April 23, 2015

NextGen Friend, Jen

Jen Balwin and Midge Frazel, April 2015 at NERGC

Meeting New Friends

Conference Moment #6: As seen only on TV (and Facebook)

Before the conference, I found out my Facebook friend, Jen Baldwin was coming to New England with our own Josh Taylor to attend our conference. She was manning the Find My Past booth directly inside the exhibit hall. We did the hugging a Facebook friend thing and she took this "selfie" of us just outside the booth. 

She immediately sent it to me via Facebook. Isn't technology wonderful?

Jen is from Washington State and currently lives in Colorado. I love her current Facebook cover which is a photo of her with old, tall New England gravestones.

Jen is a NextGen genealogist. That's what the young crowd is calling themselves. I like that they have their own identity and ways of doing genealogy. She proudly wears her Find MY Past company shirt. I first saw her on TV talking to genealogists on the show Genealogy Roadshow.

It is important to know younger genealogists. They keep me energized (even without caffeine). They have important, "high energy" genealogy ideas. Listen carefully and you will hear the future.

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