Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sentimental Sunday: Facebook and Friends

On this Day, 10 years ago, I joined Facebook
Coloring by Midge Frazel, 2016

I am not a person who makes friends easily. As an only child, I enjoy solitary activities and find it hard to work in a group. Facebook has changed me a lot. Facebook may not be so wonderful when people disagree (and there has been plenty of that lately) but most will agree that it helps us keep in touch with friends and family. 

In 2007, at an ed tech conference in the Florida sunshine, my friend Kathy Schrock told me that Facebook was now open to all, so when we returned to our room in the hotel, she showed me how to join and what she had been using it for. 

The day before, I took this photo of the January Florida sunshine and wondered what ten years ahead would look like. It does seem like a long time ago. Now, we must try to stay in the sunshine. I'd like to gather my friends (I have over a thousand) and say, "Let's stay friends."  It is the most precious.

Ten years ago, 28 January, 2007

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