Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sentimental Sunday: Finding Obituaries

Frazel Family Collection, 2016
The Death of George CRAIG and his wife Yvonne PICARD

This week, I sent my husband downstairs "to the archives" in our house to go through his father's memory box. When my my mother-in law passed away, my husband had the sad task of cleaning out their apartment. His father, already in a nursing home, never asked about their belongings because we think he couldn't hear or understand well enough to accept that his wife passed away before him.

My mother-in-law saved a lot of obituaries and as I scanned and organized them, I noticed that two were missing. She must have put them in with her husband's memory box. As the Providence Journal charges for archived documents, I am glad to have these. 

There isn't anything in these obituaries that I didn't know except for the wife's living siblings. As they were a French Canadian family living in Rhode Island, I have not as yet found out much about this Picard family. I have her parents and possible grandparents.

Find-a-Grave does tell me that they are buried in the cemetery listed. It is a huge cemetery and there is no photograph of their gravestones. The list of requests in the cemetery is quite long. But, from Find-a-Grave, I now have an address and the listing that this cemetery is Rhode Island Historical Cemetery Warren #9.

Their son and his wife went to the same college that I did, and I knew them before I knew my husband. Sadly, they are not techno-literate so we only have their phone number and address. They do not know the exact date when George and Yvonne got married. I really was hoping it was in the obituary of one of them.

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