Friday, April 1, 2016

Close to Home: Contemporary Photos Dated

From the Family Photo Collection of Hannah (Champlin) Broadfoot and William Broadfoot
Privately Held by Midge Frazel, 2016

Contemporary Photos Dated
Inherited photo collections can be hard to manage. You can't help but be excited to dig in and find those family treasures. 

This collection contained photos, newspaper articles, obituaries, a couple books and letters. I took them carefully out of the box I received them in and started to look them over. It takes a lot of energy out of a genealogist. I placed them into another box, a few at a time. It took hours.

In this case, many of these photos needed to be sorted so that I could see which ones were dated (on the back) and which ones of those may have been taken on the same day. Women's clothes helped but the men's clothes were far too similar to be useful.

As I was preparing to scan small piles I came upon this small folder with photos stapled together inside. I took the photos carefully out and turned each one over. But, there was no date on the back of any of them.

 It wasn't until I went to throw this "Kodak colored" folder away that I stopped in mid-air over the wastebasket. I had forgotten how film developing could help with dating contemporary photographs. 

There's the information I needed in my late Aunt's handwriting. Date, occasion and location are all identified. Isn't that wonderful?

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