Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sentimental Sunday: Ordinary Days in the Family

Family Photo Collection of Midge Frazel
Funny Family Stories

It is funny how history repeats itself, isn't it? On 25 March 2011, I wrote a blog post about this photo, which I took with my camera, of my father coming into the house on a cold and snowy winter night. I discovered today that the post, written in my other blog, Granite in My Blood, is missing the photo because Blogger used to let me post photos directly from Flickr to Blogger. I think as time goes on this will be a big problem for me and other long term blogger who have a lot of blog posts.

The condo that I live in now is the first place I have lived since marriage that there is a garage. During bad weather, our car isn't covered with ice or snow in the harsh Massachusetts weather. The temperature in the garage is warmer than outdoors (but still cold). 

My father was very picky about putting his car in the garage every single night. It occurs to me that now that I don't own a car, my husband feels the same way about putting the car in at night. I didn't think much about keeping the car warm so it will start until today when my daughter's car wouldn't start because it was left outside and not put in the garage overnight. 

Family stories with photos will be what future generations will not have if the story and the photo are not kept together. They will have the photo and not the story.

I must think about that as I work on my revised do-over. But, for now, you can laugh at this funny photo of my dad in his pjs and bathrobe with his coat and hat on. I am so glad I took this photo. It is in an archival bag and it is scanned and backup-ed in two places. However, it is not dated and the story is not with it.

By the way, this photo has a name. It is called the "Oh, sh*t!" photo because that's what Dad said when he noticed the car was not "put away". 

Miss you Daddy.

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