Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Inventor: Glamorous Profession

Privately held, Midge Frazel, 2016

A Glamorous Profession
Blog Post 4 

Lest you think that being an engineer during the depression was a glamorous profession, this is a photo of the workplace Bill worked in probably during the 1950s. Bill hated wearing a tie and some years after these photos were taken, he took a chance and stopped wearing the daily tie and white shirt. Because I knew him, I can tell you that he did not like working in a big room with so many people around.  I am guessing that this room was twice as big as what was photographed and maybe there were some offices with closed doors.

Finding photos that tell a story after all of the family has died and you can't ask questions about it, is a sad situation. We did find the above photo before his oldest son died and sent copies of it to him and to his daughters (who couldn't believe how old it looked!)

There is always more to be learned about someone who lived a long life like Bill. He died at age 97, outliving his wife. I think of all the photos, I like this photo booth strip because it was so out of character for him to do. He was quite the guy.

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