Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pens for Bullet Journaling

Pens and Pen Roll Up, 2016

Bleeding Pens!
I own a lot of pens but a lot of them are not suitable for bullet journaling #bujo because they bleed through the paper onto the back or even worse, onto the next page. After reading reviews and searching blog posts, I have come upon only two types of pens (with colored ink) that are suitable. I was hoping for pens that I could use for bullet journaling and coloring. 

With a 50% coupon, I went to my local Michael's and looked at the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens. Known as the pens recommended by the famous artist, Johanna Basford, these pens are  "porous point", water based, metal tipped pens. They have a 0.3 mm tip (that's really small). I decided that this box of 36 was what I wanted. The smaller number of pens come in a very nice case but this one with the 36 pens was a better buy for me.

At Amazon, I found the pen/pencil roll-up case with 36 slots. Most of the roll-up cases have a tie system of closure and are only for twenty four pens. This one is the one shown in my photo and is currently "out of stock".

To my dismay, pens and pencils do not always have an identifiable color name or number printed on them, so I went in search of a blog post that I might be able to use to make my own color chart. Colour with Claire did an excellent job of the color names, so I made my own chart for my bullet journal.

At my husband's suggestion, I went to Michael's and looked at Johanna Basford's coloring books. I love her designs but I do not like that the pages are not perforated and the paper color is not always white. 

I will report on how I am going to use the color coding in a future blog post.

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