Saturday, October 15, 2016

Along for the Journey Project: Post 3

 Along for the Journey

Post #3

Yesterday and today, I completed three objectives in this project. 
I have cleaned up my Mayflower Notebook for now, worked on the page for what Mayflower men we have and put all of the items to be done on a task list. 

I began my day today by photocopying all the certificates, then I scanned them, archived them on my external drive and posted them to Flickr. The next job was to make sure I have all of the applications in one location in an archival bag. I put them in my office closet for now until I can find a archival safe flat box to store these and only these together. 

I used my Post-it Planner and Perforated List to help me with my genealogy bullet journal projects. Today,  I bought another set of 25 sheets at Staples and put them away for when the ones I am using are used up. They are too expensive ($9.29) for casual use and Amazon doesn't carry them. I suspect they are discontinued because of their price.

As I work on the next phase of this project, I will not report on it as it just includes photocopying and scanning the proved applications. Mayflower applications are legal sized documents and I am shrinking them on my photocopier down to letter size for scanning. I have four shrunk down and have two more to do tomorrow. This next week, I will scan them all and archive them. I have more time during the week to get this done.

Even if I had done this as I went along, I would not have them organized as I have changed how I do this process.

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