Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sentimental Sunday: Life is a Series of Moments

Sentimental Sunday: Life is a Series of Moments

Dinner Conversation

Recently in an episode of Inspector Lewis, a PBS series which is ending, a conversation which happened in a car, had a lot of meaning for me. The retired detective says to the newly promoted man, "Life is a Series of Moments". 

Some things that happen in our family history are really memorable for just a few minutes but because times change, can be really memorable later on to next generations. I propose that we blog about them for others to read. Here's my first one.

My mother went to Lasell (Junior) College for two years, then, it was boarding school for young ladies that had completed high school. She hated it. It was too academic and not enough art. The girls around her were, as we call it today, "clueless". The young women were required to dress for dinner and sit at tables and make polite conversation about the food by speaking the foreign language they learned in high school. My mother took Spanish for two years in high school. 

The girl assigned to my mother's table was not prepared for such an environment. In a stage whisper, after looking at the food in bowls on the table and fearing starvation, she said to my mother, "How do you say, Chili Con Carne in Spanish? My mother used this story for decades at our holiday dinners. 

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