Saturday, July 18, 2015

Let Others Do the Work!

Dryer Hedghogs by Midge Frazel, 2015

Meet Luigi and Guiseppi, my dryer hedgehogs. They are "working animals". They are designed to be put in the dryer to separate and "fluff" up my laundry. I have a front loading washer and dryer and I am cutting back on fabric softener and dryer sheets. My towels are stiff and scratchy and although I tried that method of washing them in vinegar and baking soda, it sure was time consuming and really didn't work all that well.

 Remember, my family owned a laundry and dry cleaning business and although that was a long time ago, I am aware that it takes a lot of time to do household tasks and that takes away from my time with researching and writing.  Social media is helping me find people who can help me with places my ancestors lived. That's my hardest task, right now.

What would you rather do, wash clothes or learn more about your ancestors?

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